QUICK REVIEW – Woodshock Directed by Laura Mulleavy & Kate Mulleavy


By Devin Negrete

The beautiful captivating presence of Kirsten Dunst in on full display in this transcendent journey into the mind functioning between magical paranoia and grief. After losing her mother, Theresa (Dunst) lives in a perpetual state of grief induced shock, drifting among the pines of northern california, smoking weed and experimenting with a powerful cannabanoid based tincture.

Forgoing anything but a misty perpetual soundscape driven poetic dream, we function less with Theresa’s physical presence but exist with her expanding mind, seeing everything she is beginning to feel. The layered texture of color that exist in its muted blues and light pinks and the heavy but airy score elevates this nightmarish psychological drama into something that avoids the pitfalls and cliques often found in films of this type, particularly in this decade.

The under-saturated, almost muted quality of the misty atmosphere gives an out of body quality that makes looking at every frame of this contemplative experience a pleasure to gaze upon. There is nothing lying beneath the surface waiting to be uncovered, this is not an exploration of grief with the mission of exposing certain political and social dogmas that exist with our cultural world. This is a simple film about a young woman’s exploration of her mind, going down the rabbit hole after experiencing the tragedy of loss. A celebration of our own ability to alter our reality.

This is a drug movie, that is not about the drugs. Its about the nameless experience of taking that trip. To somewhere different, somewhere out of this “realm”. The best kind of visual displays of transcendent functions are the ones that explain nothing, the ones that wrap you up and then leave you alone.

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