WALDO THE DOG is a no budget masterpiece  


Waldo the Dog is truly something special in every sense of the word, a low budget master work about a psychotically insane man, who dawns a dog mask and becomes a vigilante after being destroyed internally by guilt for a horrific crime he committed.

The film begins with a literal bang, Waldo slowly creeps up to an apartment, in a very shitty, run down complex. A simple knock on the door, when it opens, BANG, WALDO, with a pistol in hand, puts a bullet right into the head of the homeowner, cutting to black as blood flies into frame

After the title screen, gloved hands pans through a list of criminals and their offenses, some names circles, obviously next targets for the budding vigilante, 

The scene then erupts into an abrasive, exciting score, following Waldo as he runs through parking lots, chasing down and murdering offenders, he stalks them like a psychotic anti batman, using murder as a means of self retribution, to bring himself back to the morality he believes he is missing. 

We watch the events of his horrific act of sexual violence play out, as WALDO pre – mask stalks a young women coming home from work, attacking her in an empty field next to a freeway. Coming home, he is filled with guilt, struggling to come to terms with what he has just done, being eaten from the inside out by his own guilt, unable to look his own face in the mirror, he smashes the glass with his forehead, passing out in a puddle of his own blood 

This film being almost two hours, takes it time to allow us to believably witness this mans decent into a deeper madness and craving for a kind of justice that is wrong in itself. Waldo never does it because of the justice he feels is owed, he is doing it to wipe the grime off of his own soul, trying to power wash his way with bullets into salvation

Waldo Attends wrestling lessons in a school for amateurs trying to break into entertainment wrestling. These scenes are some of the funniest of the entire film, showing waldo learning the rules of how to fight hard but not actually injurer your opponent, he frequently botches moves, potentially ending his opponents career and leading to some heated confrontations with the instructor and other students 

Trying to find retribution, plunging himself into an even deeper state of loneliness and isolation, by random chance meets a girl who confronts him to ask what his deal is when she notices him literally sitting quietly starting at a brick wall

The girl takes some sort of bizarre interest in the peculiar energy of the enigma that is waldo, he becomes almost a living myth, a constant puzzle that brings her fascination to its peak, eventually turning into infatuation and finally love for a complete mystery and a dangerous psychopath. Her believing he is a mute, he has become almost her pseudo body guard, walking home from work with her, listening to the stories of her daily life, he comes an outlet and escape for her, a sort of adventure that is so bonkers, and so unique, anyone in her position would drop anything to be part of his fucked up life..

After injuring every wrestler in the school and being thrown out, he is attacked and beaten inside of the shower and left. He crawls his way to his new friends house, whom takes him in and aids him. He awakes to find her shirtless, straddling his lap, claiming that she is giving herself to him, he thinks for a moment, everything he has wanted is finally happening, but in the last second he gets up, pushing her off, telling her to wait, after she had confessed her love for him.

She is confused and borderline offended, he takes off his mask, and she freaks out, revealing that she is in fact the girl he raped months ago. He tries to talk to her but its no use, she calls the cops and Waldo flees into the night. 

There is about 10 minutes of film after this point but I don’t want to spoil it, its a very heartbreaking resolution, but its exactly how the story should of ended 

its rare to find cinema with such a certain, unique energy, especially for a budget less than most youtube videos. The abrasive, random, sporadic camera works play so well to create a FUCKING CRAZY world where you literally think anything is possible. if you told me this movie took place in San Andreas I wouldn’t bat an eye,, it has all the energy and spontaneous danger of any of the GTA games, something wholly missing from Cinema.

This is the kind of film that should be winning Sundance, something TRULY independent, the brainchild of an artist realizing the full potential available during this GOLDEN AGE of micro/no budget cinema, a true contemporary product of the twenty teens that i will NEVER forget.

WALDO THE DOG, Available now on VIMEO



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